What is Deb D Web Creations?

Deb D Web Creations is a web design and development company that works with businesses and individuals to create impressive custom websites.

These creative website are built to promote businesses, sell products and/or share information.

Deb D Web Creations builds clean, appealing, and functional websites which comply with the latest web standards.

You can call us at 301.219.7826 or email us at deb@debdweb.com to schedule a free, no-obligation, cost estimation and proposal.

Did you know???

Our web log (Blog) is filled with interesting web facts and the latest in web technology. Enjoy!


November 22nd, 2011
Minimize this number of clicks a visitor will need to make when using a site. The more a visitor needs to click, the more like they are to abandon the site. Each page should contain at least 400 words of information to avoid unnecessary clicks/pages.

Background Colors

October 20th, 2011
It is easier to read text if there is a high amount of contract between the background color and the color of the text. It is hard to read light text on light background, or dark on dark. Also, do not put text on a textured background.

Important tags

September 4th, 2011
Google gives more weight to text that appears in certain tags, like title title tags and heading tags. It considers text in these tags to be more important than ordinary text on the page.

Page Width

August 18th, 2011
Don’t make your pages too wide. Text is harder to read if the lines run too long. Text shouldn’t be over 8 inches wide or it will be too hard to find the start of the next line. Pages should be completely visible at about a width of about 13 inches.